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Take an aerial view of Jaffna’s skyline and rising up in its highrise skyscape are the Hari Engineering Houses. twelve in all and five more in the process of being completed, which have slowly and steadily redefined the skyline of Jaffna.

The buildings are in key locations, with convenience combined with comfort at an affordable price. being the winning formula for the Hari Engineering (The architecturally designed high-rises are in two categories; super luxury and semi luxury). Comport style and elegance are the hallmark and the interiors of all buildings reflect of this qualities with tasteful, soothing and elegant colours and textures combined to create the ambience of graceful luxury living. The houses with bedroom and for bedroom units are decorated in soft, soothing colours and create a sense of space and comfort for a family home. The building have large square areas which have been designed beautifully and little nooks and corners for storage. The buildings complexes provide community living facilities like hotel and in some building complexes, wedding hall and conference hall.

All houses and buildings come with individual parking slots for the owners. Convenience with comfort being there trademark, the magic Hari Engineering is that all located in some of the most convenient locations in the northern province with direct assess to the main roads.


The initial sparks of their of their illustrious journey began in the Jaffna University where S.Jathavan (B.Sc.Phy ,Q.S…) Managing Director became good bud A prominent engineer from the University of Wolvohamton join & in the Hari Engineering as the consultant engineer who possesses a union that changed the housing and building the young civil engineer possessed the vision to use their knowledge and learning in to project that created many happy homes in northern province.

The engineers vision and their courage and commitment to address this dire need – a fundamental need in any civilized human society – gave them rich dividends. and now Hari Engineering is community within a community and growing at a fast pace in to the sky. The young engineers not only have the civil engineering background and knowledge of building houses and complexes but are also astute enough to study market trends and keep updating their knowledge on the market demands, Their common sense and market intelligence led them to select prime projects in the important places of northern province.



The Hari Engineering community is an ever increasing community from its inception 4 years ago the Hari Engineering brand has come a long way. As we grow from building to building we assure our extended family and prospective members of our family. that Hari Engineering is a brand that is committed to your life and will be with you every step of your way, to ensure comfort and quality of life at a very affordable price. Our passion is to build homes for happy families to suit their individual personal needs and conveniences.

Our passion is to create homes for people to live in, not to sell. We are concerned about the afford ability and provide a range of choice to suite our home owners. When Hari Engineering team inspects a roperty, their mind’s eye sees people living happily, and comfortably, in home homes they build.

We concern about the convenience of the families about th surroundings and upper most in their mind is one single consideration… is it a good location and setting for a family to live in? we consider very honestly if they would like to live in the houses that they were building if the House and buildings built with this concern and care for the families and who community have been the winners for the Hari Engineering Team.



Hari Engineering believes in and values gaining and retaining the trust pf our customers above everything else. Right throughout our long journey ‘in the high-rise business, one principle has been held almost in reverence by our team- retaining the trust and confidence of our clients. This has been a key factor in our growth as satisfied customers recommend the Hari Engineering by word of mouth to our potential customers. Hari Engineering has won a solid reputation for our on- time delivery of apartments and legal ownership of deeds and maintenance services at extremely reasonable costs.

The teams “personal touch” is another key ingredient in the success of all projects.

The Hari Engineering believes in personally monitoring and directing the building of every one of their project they build and operate.

From the architecture to the actual building of the structure, to the interior decor, colour schemes, and the signing of the deeds, the director of the Hari Engineering is involved, ensuring that not a single operation is sub contracted to another party. The Hari Engineering also believes in assisting and supporting our customers with care and concern as we become a partner in lives; the secret of our success – winning the customers’ confidence with our care and concern right throughout their journey of life in the house and buildings.



Somasundaram Jathavan
(Bsc, HND in QS)

Managing Director